Sinis puts out iPod masterpieces DJ Premier Edition mixtape

Grammy Award winning producer Doc Ish (producer of Eminem’s "We Made You" and who also released a star-studded compilation, The First Treatment, in 2010) recently made a new addition to his Inyahead/Sony imprint, signing Sinis to a new deal and both are currently working on Sinis' debut EP for the label. Sinis (born Eliud Sanchez Jr. and raised in New Britain, CT) quickly gained popularity on Connecticut's underground rap scene due to his affiliation with local outfit the U.N.I.T and the group was ultimately signed to an indie label that soon went south. Looking to create a buzz, Sinis linked up with upstart local producer Jack Nickelz to create Sinis' debut mixtape, iPod Masterpieces: Ninth Wonder Edition, which was ultimately planned to be the first in a series of mixtapes. Wi

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Brown & Kaiji put out Homage EP for free download

Homage is collaborative effort by emcees Brown & Kaiji (In Stereo) paying tribute to those who paved the way musically and historically. Brown and Kaiji (In Stereo) met through Daneja Mentale, and shortly began exchanging verses on one another’s projects. The two discovered they had done so many songs together, they decided to do something official, and it became Homage. J.Brown representing Union City, Tennessee and Kaiji (In Stereo) representing Chicago, Illinois add elements of soul, lyricism, and the origins of peace, love, and unity. Homage represents what music means to them, and how it has changed their lives for the better. Homage allows the audience to go back into time, and remember when music used to mean something. Stream/Free Download: http://kaijiznstereo.bandcam

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Oddisee song featured in unveiling of the Nexus Q

Oddisee is too large of a talent to dwell comfortably under the term 'beatmaker' or even ‘hip-hop producer.’ The DMV representative has a musicality and vision that elevates him past those kinds of confines. Oddisee is a producer with roots in hip-hop. He can work a drum machine and he can rap, but he can also conduct and produce other musicians and vocalists. People Hear What They See, his new full length LP on Mello Music Group, has proven just that. "The Need Superficial" doesn’t necessarily sound like a contemporary hip-hop song until Oddisee starts rapping a few bars in. Not content to merely coast along the smooth and funky concoction he’s brewed up, Oddisee drops seamless bars that examine his dealing with past relationships and the pitfalls along the way. Oddisee's th

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Six Reasons releases his new 80s Baby mixtape

West Coast rapper Six Reasons released his new mixtape 80s Baby presented by DJ Skee. The mixtape features the buzzed-about single, “Michael Myers,” a remixed bonus track of his hit “Raindance ft. Too $hort” and production by Deep Watters, Shockmatic and Star Lab. Fresh off a crowd-pleasing performance at Power 106 LA’s Powerhouse pre-party, Six Reasons recently shot the music video for “Michael Myers,” which fans can look forward to in the coming weeks. On 80s Baby, the opinionated Watts native, who has overcome many personal challenges to get to where he is today, covers topics ranging from fatherhood and females to love and loss and says he took time between his last mixtape, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200, and 80s Baby to “let life happen.” Please visit

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Gensu Dean puts out instrumentals for free download

Armed with a dusty SP-1200 and equally weathered records, Gensu Dean made a splash in the indie rap scene with his debut LP Lo-Fi Fingahz on Mello Music Group. The record was an uncompromising modern display of tradition—hardcore MC’s over hardcore beats, plain and simple. The project was a proud beacon for the old guard, a proclamation that hip-hop can grow but the roots will always be the foundation. Now Gensu and MMG are dropping the instrumentals. Devoid of the MC's that originally blessed the project, the instrumental version of Lo-Fi Fingahz tells the same story with a different strategy. Classic boom-bap is still at the forefront, but without bars over the beats the listener is left to dive further into the sonic structure of the tracks. The LP takes on more of a contempl

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The Nezitiq Mute and DJ Concept put out free album

Somewhere between a twisted nightmare and harsh reality, The Nezitiq Mute and DJ Concept take your brain to the outskirts of Hip-Hop. Influenced by elements of both Rock and Hip-Hop, The Mute prove that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, as they concoct a glorious nightmare over the dark and sometimes beautiful soundscape, produced entirely by Concept. All nightmares start somewhere and this one starts with a chemically induced, governmental experiment. Prepare. The Nezitiq Mute & DJ Concept - 'This Glorious Nightmare' *Free Download: http://tinyurl.com/c3vdlge * S/O @TheNezitiqMute & @concept1200 The Nezitiq Mute is comprised of members Eddie Palacio (vocals and production) Jesse Mechanic (vocals) Angel Ortiz (vocals) and Adam De la Cruz (vocals and production) Thei

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