Oddisee song featured in unveiling of the Nexus Q

Oddisee is too large of a talent to dwell comfortably under the term 'beatmaker' or even ‘hip-hop producer.’ The DMV representative has a musicality and vision that elevates him past those kinds of confines. Oddisee is a producer with roots in hip-hop. He can work a drum machine and he can rap, but he can also conduct and produce other musicians and vocalists. People Hear What They See, his new full length LP on Mello Music Group, has proven just that. "The Need Superficial" doesn’t necessarily sound like a contemporary hip-hop song until Oddisee starts rapping a few bars in. Not content to merely coast along the smooth and funky concoction he’s brewed up, Oddisee drops seamless bars that examine his dealing with past relationships and the pitfalls along the way. Oddisee's the rare complete package that brings substance along with innovative, classic music. The creatives over at Google seem to agree. In the unveiling of the Nexus Q, a new Google streaming media player, the hosts chose "The Need Superficial" as the song to demo their new gadget. Great minds think alike. Check out "The Need Superficial" here http://mellomusicgroup.bandcamp.com/track/the-need-superficial to download the song for free.