Rah Digga releases new EP produced by M-Phazes

New Jeru rap veteran Rah Digga joins forces with Australia's go-to producer M-Phazes for the maxi-single "Never Back Down." Consisting of two versions, the original mix featuring Fresno's Fashawn and Beantown's REKS, in addition to the previously leaked remix featuring the Michigan born, Florida raised and now NYC transplant Nitty Scott, MC, "Never Back Down" showcases top notch lyricism and wordplay over M-Phazes fusion of glitched-out dubstep and gritty guitar riffs. "Never Back Down" is now available via Coalmine Records and is bundled for sale with both the main and clean edit passes of both versions, along with the instrumental and acapella of the original version, all for just $2.99. Please visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/never-back-down-remixes-ep/id575436586 to support

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R-Mean debuts new video featuring The Game

Armenia is a small country of fewer than four million people sitting in the south caucus region of Asia and landlocked between Turkey, Azerbadjian, Georgia, and Iran. You should know this because Los Angeles is in fact home to one of the largest Armenian immigrant enclaves in the world. Celebrities Serj Tankian and Kim Kardashian (who both grew up in Los Angeles) have each made a powerful impact on their respective fields of alternative music and reality television, introducing disparate and unique takes on Armenian identity into American pop culture. And now, with lyrical prowess and melodious flow, Los Angeles-born, overtly-Armenian rapper R-Mean is bringing word of his mountainous ancestral republic to one of our biggest cultural expressions of all: hip-hop. In Early 2013, R-

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WD4D releases new mix for free download

WD4D, aka Waylon Dungan, is one of Seattle’s most talented and ambitious beat scientists whose bold style has injected new sonic fusions into the city’s hip hop and electronic music communities. Versatile and always fresh, WD4D’s sound ranges from left-field experimental beats and funky upbeat dance music to jazzed-up hip hop and soulful underground rap. He has just released a new mix, recorded live at a recent Live n' Love production with Sweatson Klank, Kid Smpl & Introcut. In regards to the mix, available for a limited time, WD4D says, "There are a few exclusive WD tracks, but mostly just a bunch of super fresh music that needs to be heard. A lot of these songs will never be heard in this way ever again, as most are being blended with something else (other songs, loops, etc.

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M-Eighty preps the release of Home Grown Internationally Known

On November 20th, Wu-Tang Clan affiliate/Guinness World Record Freestylist M-Eighty will release "Home Grown Internationally Known". The LP pays tribute to the rappers hometown of Toledo, OH by featuring all Toledo-based Emcees and Producers alongside the pairing of M-Eighty & newcomer and fellow Toledo native Nino Graye. The duo known as "Glass City", will be embarking on a 15-date Midwest tour in November alongside the likes of Kid Ink, Cappadonna, & Bronze Nazareth in support of their debut. Fans can expect several videos spawning from the LP's release including featured tracks "Hip-Hop Glory", "911", "Burn it Up", "Lose My Sheeeit!" and the collegiate-anthem "FAH-Q". When asked how the duo came up with the name for their group and the title for their debut, M-Eighty remar

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DJ Nu-Mark presents The Broken Sunlight USB

In keeping with the growing trend toward albums being released in limited edition on USB drives, DJ Nu-Mark and Hot Plate Records now bring you this special USB release of his forthcoming studio debut, Broken Sunlight. Shaped like a record needle, this instant collector's item contains the content of Broken Sunlight's audio, including the studio tracks, as well as bonus a capellas, clean versions, instrumentals, and bonus beats, as well as unreleased studio & tour photos, featuring Bumpy Knuckles, Large Professor, Charles Bradley, and Tiron. Also included with the release is a download link to Nu Conduit, a 60 min. behind the scenes look of the life of Uncle Nu, and the making of Broken Sunlight, performances across the globe and the critically acclaimed Toy Set. Broken Sunlight

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D-Sisive releases D-LuxeEdition of new album

There was a time in Derek Christoff's life when he didn't have many words. It's not that he didn't have a story; but he was stuck on the start. In the late 90s, the young MC known as D-Sisive came up quickly in the Toronto hip-hop community with a string of well-liked singles, but his burgeoning profile was stopped cold with the illness and death of both of his parents in a six-year span. Grief and depression stole his creativity and motivation for the better part of a decade, but in a moment fit for fable, his lyrical inspiration returned suddenly one day while singing along to the Beach Boys on the radio. It was the new start D-Sisive's story needed. And he hasn't stopped since. 2008's The Book EP was nominated for a Juno and its single "Nobody With A Notepad" won the SOCAN ECHO So

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