Kev Brown & Hassaan Mackey release new single/video

Following the critically acclaimed Pillars EP with MindsOne, Kev Brown teams up again with Ill Adrenaline Records, this time collaborating with fellow Low Budget Crew member Hassaan Mackey to bless listeners with That Grit. Both the Washington D.C. based producer-on-the-mic and the Rochester, NY emcee are longtime members of the prolific artist collective and have previously worked together various times, but this mini-album marks the first time the two embark on a full project. Most boom-bap enthusiasts should already be well acquainted with both Kev Brown and Hassaan Mackey: double threat Kev Brown already showcased his skills on microphones as well as production boards on countless releases and has been dubbed "king of basslines" by fans worldwide. In addition to his solo recordi

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Grieves: The RAPstation Interview

Grieves - The RAPstation Interview By Kyle Eustice The Seattle-based emcee, Grieves (real name Benjamin Laub), made his Rhymesayers Entertainment debut in 2010 with 88 Keys and Counting. Since then, he's been touring the world and writing lyrics as a way to deal with the every day stresses that life throws at him. His most recent album, 2014's Winter & the Wolves finds Grieves on a different path, one full of neo-soul influences and soulful singing—lots of singing. It's a bit of a departure from previous efforts, but nonetheless it works and seemingly showcases his growth as an artist. As he gears up for the Winter & the Wolves tour part deux, or as he calls it, the "Different Kind of Wild" tour, Grieves took some time to talk to RAPstation about his newfou

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Gotham Green drops new single featuring Kool G Rap & Nature

NY rapper Gotham Green presents "Cross Island Expressway", his new single featuring guest appearances from Kool G. Rap & Nature. The track is produced by Lauryn Hill/Nas/Lil Wayne/Talib Kweli/Bun collaborators K-Salaam & Beatnick, and is the new single from Child Of An Immigrant, his new album which also features Jojo Pellegrino, Wax, Marika, Jes Hudak and Hit Skrewface as well as production from Quickie Mart, Josh The Goon, Blessed By The Beats, DJ Hush, Rob Viktum and Twigg. "I grew up in New York during a time where lyrics and talent ruled hip hop," says Gotham. "As a result, I gravitated towards artists who could verbally amaze listeners such as myself. Two artists I admired for their lyrical prowess were Kool G Rap & Nature. As I was beginning to work on Child Of A

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Blockhead: The RAPstation Interview

Blockhead The RAPstation Interview By Kyle Eustice Producer Blockhead (real name Tony Simon) is currently crisscrossing the country on a sizeable solo tour in anticipation of his upcoming album, which is due out this November. His last effort, 2012's Interludes After Midnight, offers more instrumental brilliance and puts the cherry on top of an already impressive catalog. From 2004's Music By Cavelight (his Ninja Tunes debut) to 2009's The Music Scene, literally every track that bares Simon's touch is flawless. Growing up in Manhattan, he was enamored with hip-hop since the moment he heard it. He met emcee Aesop Rock while attending Boston University in 1994 and it was on from there. Although Simon prefers rap music over instrumental music, he has a deep app

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Diabolic puts out new single with Sean Price & Vinnie Paz

A trio of rugged rhymers: Sean Price, the Brooklyn-bred lyricist that's quick to knock your block off Jailhouse Rock style; Diabolic, the aggressive Suffolk County rhyme sayer that spits with reckless abandon; and Vinnie Paz, the misanthropic Philly native who stays ready for battle, all make up the foundation for "Game Time," the latest release from Diabolic's forthcoming Fightin Words LP, that's set to drop 9/16. Although Diabolic might not be a household name just yet, his accolades are worth mentioning: earning a spot on Billboard's Hip Hop and R&B charts, as well as receiving the HHUG Best Album of the Year Award with his debut LP, Liar & a Thief, are quite the accomplishments. Over a slick cut from the Brooklyn beat-smith, 5th Seal, who manages to squeeze everybody from Das E

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Ja'Rae Womack releases a powerful new single

Due to recent developments, domestic violence is at the forefront of discussions in the media. However, the reality is that it's an issue which affects people from every walk of life in real-time every day. Ja'Rae Womack (the Granddaughter of Sam Cooke and the Niece of Bobby Womack) has recently dedicated a track to every woman who has endured emotional, mental and physical abuse. "The cover for this song depicts the unconditional love between a mother and her child, no matter how scarred they may be. This mother and child were physically abused and burned with acid by the husband and father. No matter what permanent damages maybe inflicted by our fellow man, it proves that love and forgiveness conquer all. I dedicate my life and career to those who have been and are being ab

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