Rav.P releases new Immaculate EP for free download

After working with Camden, NJ producers Trac-Qaeda on the #weeklyStamps campaign for a single release "Immaculate,", Rav.P aka Passport Rav joined forces with the production team to create a classic feeling EP based on the name of their first collaboration. All of the tracks are produced by Trac-Qaeda besides the bonus "flyN-ggaSayWHA" which is produced by Rav himself. Please visit http://indy.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/29946/rav-p-tracqueda-immaculate.html to download the EP now. The iTunes version of Immaculate https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/immaculate-ep-deluxe/id915609257 includes a free beat from Rav.P as well as a bonus track produced by Trac-Qaeda. The first ten people to purchase Immaculate on iTunes, rate and comment will get a free T-shirt. Just post the screen sho

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Sage Francis releases new video for Make Em Purr

"Do introverts get to have an anthem?" Sage Francis asks. If so, this would be it. Sage's new video for "Make Em Purr" is a beautifully introspective narrative off his new album, Copper Gone. Released via Strange Famous Records, Copper Gone is another brilliant addition to Sage's vast catalog of poetic underground hip-hop. The video itself is completely illustrated and is nothing short of mind-blowing. It perfectly fits the theme of the song, which is about the death of Sage's beloved cat and his sometimes bitter loneliness. Please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjxHy8WTgTs to check out the video now. Video Director: Wasaru. Art Director: Jebedaï Couture. Beat by Buck 65.

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Maxim of The Prodigy releasing new Animal Anger EP

Maxim, original member and vocalist of The Prodigy, has been playing the band's backstage dressing room party sets for years, now he's unveiling his DJ and production skills to the world. Teaming up with hard-hitting female MC/vocalist Cianna Blaze, Maxim has curated a brand new EP, "Animal Anger" set to release this October on we Are noize. Maxim and Cianna are proud to unveil the lead single off Animal Anger, a fierce and fiery anthem titled 'Wolf'. Laced with Cianna's empowering vocal ballads about going out on your own into the world and making something of yourself, Wolf's message is truly synonymous with what Maxim is doing as he embarks on this new DJ project. Please visit https://soundcloud.com/maximdjofficial to check out and download the single for free now.

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