Rav.P releases new Immaculate EP for free download

After working with Camden, NJ producers Trac-Qaeda on the #weeklyStamps campaign for a single release "Immaculate,", Rav.P aka Passport Rav joined forces with the production team to create a classic feeling EP based on the name of their first collaboration. All of the tracks are produced by Trac-Qaeda besides the bonus "flyN-ggaSayWHA" which is produced by Rav himself. Please visit http://indy.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/29946/rav-p-tracqueda-immaculate.html to download the EP now. The iTunes version of Immaculate https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/immaculate-ep-deluxe/id915609257 includes a free beat from Rav.P as well as a bonus track produced by Trac-Qaeda. The first ten people to purchase Immaculate on iTunes, rate and comment will get a free T-shirt. Just post the screen shot on IG and tag #beFlyStayHungry.