Azealia Banks under police investigation

Azealia Banks is currently under investigation by LAPD following an alleged fight with nightclub security staff. The incident took place last month (October) at the Break Room 86 Club in Los Angeles. The security at the club reportedly asked Banks to leave the club due to her "unruly behavior", and they claim that she tried to set off the club's fire alarm. There is security footage circulating, obtained by TMZ, showing Banks and her entourage in a fight with the club's security. TMZ reports: "Banks and her crew were partying at Break Room 86 in L.A. late last month when she allegedly became unruly and security told her to leave. As Banks approached the front door, security claims she tried pulling the fire alarm. A security guard grabbed Banks as she was messing with the fire contr

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Tasha LaRae from Arrested Development: The RAPstation Interview

Growing up in Omaha, Nebraska, singer Tasha LaRae didn't have too many ideas of grandeur in terms of her musical path. She knew she loved singing, but Omaha wasn't ready for the uncontainable amounts of talent she possessed. Speech of Arrested Development, however, was. The classically trained opera singer caught his attention at a church function after she had relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. That was it. Since 2008, she's been touring and recording with the internationally celebrated hip-hop group. When she's not doing that, she's working on her own solo material. While touring with the group, she wrote and recorded music for The Tasha LaRae, which she released independently. With musical influences such as Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Whitney Houston, Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder,

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Kendrick Lamar releases video for These Walls

Kendrick Lamar has launched a video for his 'To Pimp A Butterfly' track 'These Walls' subtitled as a 'black comedy'. The video opens in a prison, progressing to a house party in an eight-minute adventure that expands on the album version, with an added interlude. Lamar's 'To Pimp A Butterfly' was released in March of this year, and has already seen five singles, of which 'These Walls' is the most recent and released in mid-October. Previous single 'Alright' recently found itself at the center of a racial equality march, with J Cole commenting that Lamar may have the power to stop LA Gang culture. Lamar said in reply, "That's a lot of responsibility. I definitely think that God put something in me that I'm not even aware of, I know it's there and I know it has the power to not only c

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Chuck Treece: The RAPstation Interview

Pro-skateboarder and musician Chuck Treece came up in the Philly music scene, drawing influences from both punk music, hip-hop and practically everything in between. He founded '80s skate punk band McRad, was sponsored by several major companies, including Santa Cruz Skateboards, Powell Peralta and Airwalk and spent years touring with bands like Underdog, Bad Brains and Urge Overkill. Throughout his entire life, skateboarding and music have always been his foundation. These days, he's a father and is tasked with molding the young minds of his children, a responsibility he takes extremely seriously. When he's not hanging with his kids, he can most likely be found on his skateboard, behind a drum kit or in a studio. Treece took a moment to discuss the first time he heard hip-hop, playing wit

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Earl Sweatshirt calls Drake a vulture

Earl Sweatshirt has called Drake a "vulture" who profits on the talent of lesser-known artists. The Odd Future rapper's comments were related to a video Drake recently posted of himself dancing to 'SKRT' by underground rapper Kodak Black. Upon seeing the clip, Earl took to Twitter to write: "drake found kodak black? smh welp". When fans then suggested that Drake's championing for new artists could be a good thing, Earl proceeded to say that Drake "can be a bit of a vulture on young rap n-ggas and I don't want lil kodak to be a victim of it". He added that Drake's "overall statement isn't 'check out this new shit I heard'" but instead is "always self serving". Earl continued: "The line between paying homage and wave riding is blurry so is the one between giving criticism and hating

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Nas And Usher support victims of racial injustice and police brutality on new song

Usher and Nas have revealed a new single titled "Chains", a song created to raise awareness for the victims of racial injustice and police brutality. The two have worked with Bibi Bourelly on the track that is accompanied by an interactive experience titled "Don't Look Away". The advanced technology uses a camera with facial recognition to let the viewers look into the eyes of the unarmed victims and control the video stream. The song will stop playing immediately if the viewer turns away. "In writing this song, I was motivated by the events involving prejudicial injustice that are still happening today," Usher said in a statement. "The reality is that racial bigotry diminishes the lives of too many people in our country. We have to come together as a country to solve th

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