Confederate flag debate heats up

Following the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina there's been a large debate about where or even if the confederate flag needs to be taken down across the country. Currently the flag has been removed or is in process of possibly being removed from the Alabama Statehouse grounds, on the Mississippi state flag, in the hallways of the Kentucky Statehouse, on the UNLV sports field, and on license plates in Georgia and Virginia. As of today, the flag is still flying above the South Carolina statehouse, but is in talks of being taken down. One major piece of information being left out of the debate is that this particular version of the confederate flag was never the official flag of the confederacy, and didn't begin climbing in popularity until the 1950's and 60s, around the same time that

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Estee Nack & Purpose release 14 Forms: The Book of Estee Nack

Estee Nack & Purpose (of Tragic Allies) have just released their long awaited album 14 Forms: The Book of Estee Nack. The project is entirely produced by Purpose (Tragic Allies, 7 G.E.M.S., Tragedy Khadafi, Killah Priest, Paranom, Big Shug, Singapore Kane, etc.) and is available now on CD/cassette/digitally via on Ill Adrenaline Records with distribution by Fat Beats. You can download the album on iTunes http://bit.ly/14FormsTheBookOfEsteeNack and via Amazon http://www.amazon.com/14-Forms-Book-Estee-Explicit/dp/B00XOO4PSW right now. Estee Nack has dropped what he considers to be his testament of truth, justice and righteousness unto those - who like him (1st generation American born to immigrants from the Dominican Republic) - were raised combating the daily trials and t

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Tidal heats up live-stream competition

The release of Tidal, a Swedish music streaming service purchased by Jay Z, has lost its second top executive after only two months on the job. It's previous chief executive stepped down among a dozen other employees who have been fired. Tidal's subscription is $10 a month, with an upgrade available for $20 a month. Subscription to Tidal includes access to exclusive content from its artist co-owners, as well as high fidelity lossless audio, and the higher subscription cost results in a higher royalties to both the artists and the songwriters. One of the largest concerns with the higher subscription costs is that it will bring about an increase in music piracy, among the backlash from other artists and fans alike has to do with the high prices keeping Tidal from being accessible to the m

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The Doppelgangaz release Parts Unknown EP for free download

Over the past few years, The Doppelgangaz have gone from obscurity (Orange County, New York) to taking their unique sound all over the world. They have managed to do so while still having time to write, produce, and visit ungodly amounts of brothels. Today, The Doppelgangaz released their latest body of work, Parts Unknown. The new EP is their most progressive and forward thinking release to date; A free release as well that will allow for fellow sharks in Shark Nation to spread that Doppel Gospel to potential newcomers. "The Parts Unknown represents all overlooked areas that aren't regarded as hot spots. We started with no connects, no backing and no idea how to infiltrate the game. We're still on our and we love that because we're in control. We represent those who m

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Tyler, The Creator: The RAPstation Interview

Talking to Tyler, the Creator early in the morning was perhaps not the best idea. The type of energy needed to execute a solid interview with the 24-year-old founder of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWKTA) is more than most people have at 9:30 a.m. Nonetheless, it was a pleasure talking to the mastermind behind Cherry Bomb, the Golf Media app and Odd Future clothing designs. It's hard to believe he's so young, but then you watch one of his Vine videos and realize he's still just a kid having fun. And why shouldn’t he? The world is at his fingertips these days and clearly he's going to ride this wave as long as he can. Born in Los Angeles, Tyler Okonma dropped his first solo album, Bastard, in 2009 and he's been going at lightning speed ever since. Performances at

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Papoose to release his sophomore album in July

Papoose will release his highly-anticipated sophomore album, You Can't Stop Destiny, on 7-17-2015 via RBC Records. You Can't Stop Destiny finds Papoose re-connecting with familiar faces, as he rekindles his undeniable chemistry with DJ Premier, Havoc, Ron Browz, Amadeus and his better half Remy Ma, while also linking up with some familiar faces to usher in an updated aesthetic, including Ty Dolla $ign, Troy Ave, Showbiz & A.G., Maino and Red Cafe. Check out the first single here https://soundcloud.com/dj_premier/papoose-mobbing-f-troy-ave-produced-by-havoc and the official track list for You Can't Stop Destiny can be found below. 1.) The Bank (produced by Ron Browz) 2.) You Ain't Built Like That (produced by Amadeus) 3.) Mobbing f/ Troy Ave (produ

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