J. Cole documentary trailer released

HBO has released a trailer for the upcoming J. Cole documentary, 'J. Cole: Forest Hills Drive Homecoming'. The 90-minute special which is part documentary and part live concert will be broadcast on HBO on January 9th. The documentary has been directed by a previous collaborator with J. Cole named Scott Lazer, with executive producers including Cole himself and Ibrahim Hamad, president of Cole's Dreamville Records. The documentary features footage of Forest Hills, Cole's hometown, cut with film of him preparing to go on stage at Crown Coliseum for his homecoming show. The show itself had guest appearances from both Drake and Jay Z. Plus, Cole speaks about his childhood and rise to fame, and the filmmakers even interview his family and friends. All 13 tracks from Cole's 2014 album '

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Kat Ouano Mobley of Crown City Rockers: The RAPstation Interview

Kat Ouano Mobley has magical fingers. When she touches the keys, she lights up the room with her undeniable energy and the seemingly effortless way she rocks the ivory. The Wichita, Kansas native's innate talent has taken her all over the world. From playing with her original crew, Crown City Rockers (CCR), to Bay Area underground staple Lyrics Born, she's one of the few females who can boast such a resume. Mobley can now add singer to her list of endeavors with the release of her debut solo album, On The Cusp. The down-tempo, warm electronica vibe permeates the 13-track effort and lets her wispy singing voice shine through, something admittedly difficult for her to do. From the instrumental opener "Climb" to the hauntingly beautiful "Keep Up," the album is a foreign space she occ

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Lupe Fiasco slams Kid Cudi at live show

Lupe Fiasco has rekindled his beef with Kid Cudi, making comments about the fellow rapper and former friend at a recent live show. The two rappers were close friends but fell out earlier this year after Fiasco was involved in a Twitter argument with Azealia Banks over comments made by Kendrick Lamar. Cudi appeared to criticize Fiasco at the time, tweeting: "Dear black artists, don't talk down on the black community like you are Gods gift to n****z everywhere." Speaking at a show in Milwaukee, Fiasco announced to the audience: "To all my enemies, you are now forgiven. Except Kid Cudi 'cause that's not my motherfucking buddy. If I see him in the streets, it's getting motherfucking ugly." He continued: "I know you might be a fan, me and him share similar shit and y

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Blockhead speaks on the new Lice EP from Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman

So So Strange Blockhead On the New Lice EP from Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman By Kyle Eustice Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman ushered in Christmas a little early this year when they decided to drop a surprise EP on Monday, November 30 via Stones Throw Records. Titled Lice, the five-track EP features production from DJ Spinna, Optiks, Alex "Apex" Gale and former collaborator, Blockhead, who did much of the work on Aesop Rock's 2008 effort, None Shall Pass. "It's always fun to do stuff with Aes," Blockhead, real name Tony Simon, says. "Add on that I got to work with Homeboy Sandman for the first time and that was a huge bonus. Simon couldn't really go into too much detail about the concept, he left that up to Homebody Sandman and Aesop Rock.

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Drake is the most streamed artist of the year globally on Spotify

Drake has been confirmed as Spotify's most streamed artist of the year globally. Spotify announced it's end of the year list on Tuesday and reported that Drake earned 1.8 billion streams in 2015. Rihanna was this year's most streamed female performer with 1 billion streams, while Major Lazer's song "Lean On", was the most streamed song of the year with 540 million streams. The Weeknd's breakout album, "Beauty Behind The Madness" was the most streamed album of the year, beating out Drake's "If You're Reading This It's Too Late" which came in at No. 2. In the United States, Drake topped the list of most streamed artists, followed by The Weeknd, Kanye West, Ed Sheeran, and Eminem. Fetty Wap's song "Trap Queen" was the most streamed song in America this year. In Spotify's all-time

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Tyler, the Creator gives high praise to Pharrell & Kanye West

Tyler, the Creator has called Kanye West and Pharrell Williams 'fucking Gods' while explaining the influence both artists have had on his career. Back in June Tyler, the Creator posted a photo of the two on his Instagram with the caption "Dads". After being asked to comment on the post, he explained that seeing the both of them in a photo meant a lot to him and described how he hoped to always be creating. "I mean seeing those two in a photo together, that really meant a lot to me and there's not that many photos of those two," Tyler, The Creator explained. "There's one photo in Japan at the Ice Cream store opening, a couple of other photos of them floating round too but seeing that photo in 2015 it's like they're still chewing it and they're still friends, it meant some

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