Souls Of Mischief heading to Europe on tour in March

Oakland hip hop legends Souls of Mischief return to the UK and Europe for the first time in 2 years since their "Montezuma's Revenge" tour. It's almost 20 years since the release of the classic '93 Til Infinity', but the group members, as part of the Hieroglyphics Crew, have remained one of the most prolific artists on the scene with numerous solo and group releases on Hiero Imperium Records. They still tour regularly all over the United States and Canada, and are due to perform at SXSW on their return from Europe. 2012 starts with three solo albums being released in quick succession. Tajai has already released his new collaboration with Sleeprockers called Machine Language, Opio is set to release his new album Vultures Wisdom Volume 2 on the 28th of February and Phesto's new solo a

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Money B returning with new editions of the Goin Way Back Show

After a short break, our good friend Money B of Digital Underground will be returning in February with brand new installments of the Goin Way Back Show - your new portal for all things classic hip hop. At goingwaybackshow.com you can download the podcast, listen to new music, read the latest news on classic hip hop artists, see classic videos & pictures and find out where your favorite artist will be performing next. Requests, shout outs and comments can be called in to 702-252-4927 or you can email them to moneyb@moneyb.net. Check out the official site for more: http://www.goinwaybackshow.com/

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Return Of The Funky Man by Lord Finesse - 20th Anniversary

January 28 marks the 20th anniversary of "Return Of The Funky Man" by the legendary Lord Finesse. The follow-up to Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth's "Funky Technician" from 1990, Return Of The Funky Man found Lord Finesse sharpening his skills even more and getting down with some of the best in the game. As well as handling production on six of the 16 songs on the album, Lord Finesse also rhymed over tracks produced by DJ Aladdin, Diamond D, SLJ and Showbiz. Engineering for the album was handled by Jazzy Jay and Skeff Anselm. We salute the legendary Lord Finesse and encourage hip hop fans worldwide to get Return Of The Funky Man into the collection. It's available for download at iTunes here http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/return-of-the-funky-man/id358064217 and is essential liste

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EXCLUSIVE: Chuck D interview by Flatline

Flatline: When you look back on Public Enemy's debut, what do you remember most about putting the album together? Chuck D: Well, what I remember most about putting the album together, is that I wrote it while working as a messenger for my job, and I wrote it traveling the highways of Long Island…and putting the album together in the studio, at a studio called INS Recordings, Steve Lindsey was the engineer. Hank Shocklee, Bill Stephney, Eric Sadler and myself, it was around the time the Mets were winning the World Series in 86, so it was an interesting time. We were right across the street from City Hall in lower Manhatten, so going into the city every day recording the album was an experience. We kinda put it together pre-production wise in our studio in Hemstead, Long Island. F

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Ice-T premieres The Art Of Rap at Sundance 2012

The Art of Rap screened Saturday afternoon at the MARC to a more bumpin' crowd than Sundance usually sees. Stocked with rap artists and hip-hop fans, the audience spent much of the documentary head bobbing and breaking into applause whenever another rap icon threw down a bit of freestyle verse on screen. The ringmaster, of course, was Ice-T, who conceived of the project and directed it, a first for the music, film and TV star. He made sure to bring several of the producers and subjects of the film to Park City for the premiere - Grandmaster Caz, Chuck D of Public Enemy, Ice's longtime partner Evil E, associate producer Seane Sean, wife Coco and son Little Ice. When the screening was over, Ice seemed genuinely pleased, having seen the film on the big screen with an audience for the first

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Speech of Arrested Development featured on MTV's Made

Speech was recently asked to be coach for a new episode of the hit reality show “Made” (Airs January 24th 7pm EST). The MTV “Made” staff announced Speech as their best “Made” coach ever! ”Made” is a hit reality series that asks: Why stand on the sidelines watching others live your dream? Are you too shy or think you’re not “cool” enough to get in on the action? Or do you simply lack the self-confidence and motivation? Well, maybe it’s time to stand up and get “Made“. Speech’s episode is unique in that it involves two people that want to be made, both being coached by Speech & stoked to rap over 1 beat produced by Speech and another beat produced by Jahi (Speech’s son). Speech ultimately chooses only one to win the grand prize of opening for 2x Gram

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