Eternia returns after two year hiatus with new video

Eternia returns after a two year 'hiatus' with an epic verse. Unloading a hailstorm of questions pointed at herself, God, her family, her friends, and her very purpose, 'Final Offering' tackles the lows of life, a topic most people avoid with repression and distractions. Eternia dives in, unafraid to reveal her insecurities and self doubt while challenging the very tenets of faith and foundation of family that she was raised on. She is joined by pHoenix Pagliacci, a burgeoning triple-threat in the Canadian music scene, who soars on the track with a poignant reminder to Eternia, and anyone else who is experiencing similar lows, of what "Hii Power" really is. Director Alex Narvaez (AKA: The Can Con Don) contributes a docu-style moving landscape to the raw vulnerability of Eternia's de

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Akir drops new single with Immortal Technique

For Akir, words aren't just words - they're credos, rallying cries; a way of life. His name, for example, is an acronym for "Always Keep It Real" has zero to do with tired rap cliches, or a small-minded view of what rap is and can be. Akir's trademark raspy flow, his intricate nonstop rhyme patterns and his ear for soulful, dramatic beats (many of them self-produced) aren't some gangster fantasy and if there is one thing that comes across in Akir's music - it's real life. 2013 finds Akir bringing the spotlight back to music with his new forthcoming LP The Plan; which will be released on 9-26-0213 via Viper Records and again, words aren't just words and his album title is not just an album title. "The Plan is just that" Akir states, "my map for a musical journey on the way to beco

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Exclusive: The Grouch - The RAPstation Interview

Cory Scoffern slowly saunters up to the stage on a hot summer day in (of all places) Council Bluffs, Iowa. As the crowd cheers, he seems at home. When he's on the mic, he spits out his lyrics in such a way that he makes it look easy. Better known as "The Grouch," Scoffern has been a part of the California-based, underground hip-hop collective, The Living Legends, since 1996. After multiple studio albums including 2004's Creative Differences and 2008's The Gathering, The Grouch announced a hiatus from the group in June 2012. However, he has gone on to collaborate with fellow Living Legend Eligh Nachowitz numerous times under the name "G&E." In fact, Eligh was one step behind him as The Grouch took the stage last weekend. The pair is getting ready to release their fol

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Suicide Kings release their sophomore album

Suicide Kings consists of emcee Joey Knuckles and DJ/Producer King Cole and since there conception in 2011, the group has been steadily moving forward; opening for such acts as Mobb Deep, Demigodz (Apathy & Celph Titled), Tech N9ne, Obie Trice & Heavy Metal Kings (Ill Bill, Vinnie Paz) among others.   In the winter of 2012, Suicide Kings released their first independent album "Reign Supreme" which was quickly followed by a supporting slot on the Demigodz tour. Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqwrsa35EqE&feature=youtu.be to watch the video for "Shotcallaz" which also features Demigodz. Since then, the Kings went to work in the studio preparing their sophomore release, "Crown Of Thorns," which was released on 8-1-2013 and is now available for purchase. The album features guest

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Exclusive: Factor - The RAPstation Interview

The small, independent label Fake Four, Inc. has been based in Connecticut since its inception, when brothers Ceschi and David Ramos decided to do things on their own. Since then, it's grown to quite the reputable label and boasts a colorful and well-rounded roster including Awol One, Myka 9 of Freestyle Fellowship, Astronautalis, and Busdriver. It's a tight-knit and talented musical family, which seems to only be getting stronger. Factor has been with Fake Four, Inc. for the past few years. Originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, he is in the States quite often touring and working on new music. If the independent label truly is the new blueprint for success, Fake Four is off to an impressive start. Factor took a few minutes during his layover to talk to RAPstation about drugs,

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Maurice Brown preps Maurice vs Mobetta project

You have heard Grammy Award-winning trumpet player Maurice "Mobetta" Brown before.  After all, he's appeared on LP's from Santigold, Ski Beatz, Prodigy, Talib Kweli, Cee-Lo, Diddy, Musiq Soulchild and countless others; but you heard his trumpet and not his voice. Think Louis Armstrong and his trumpet uploaded for the 21st century to a Hip-Hop beat, and you begin to understand who this young genius is. Maurice is a classically-trained Jazzman mentored and supported by the iconic Wynton Marsalis and the legendary Ramsey Lewis. But "Mobetta" is also a Hip-Hop head for life, and that journey on this planet rock literally parallels the history and evolution of rap. Little wonder that Maurice not only blows the roof off God's sky with his horn, but he also spits lyrics the way Satchmo spit

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