The Insects release new graphic novel/grindhouse style video

In collaboration with the Albuquerque-based company, Concept Flux Media, The Insects release its new video for "All Day & All Night," the first single off their new album, Black Rose. The video tells a dark, twisted tale about a hitman who ventures out onto the road and venomously kills off a handful of people one by one, leaving a wilted rose behind at every scene. The victims in the grindhouse style video personify the negative aspects of the hitman's personality; the womanizer, alcoholic and sloth. Shot in New Mexico by Phillip Torres, James Swagerty and Monte Monteith of Concept Flux Media, "All Day & All Night" is an intense, but beautiful, cinematic video. When left up to interpretation, it has the ability to speak volumes about the human condition. Black Rose was release

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Ricky Rude & Glasses Malone join forces for new single

South Jersey's Ricky Rude and Los Angeles' Glasses Malone are quite possibly hip-hop's 'Odd Couple.' On Ricky Rude's new track, "Good Mood," which samples the theme song from the classic sitcom "The Odd Couple," the New Jersey troubadour trades bars with YMCMB's Glasses Malone, as they tell listeners everything that puts them in a good mood. The song is a well-combined mixture of braggadocio and feel-good vibes, setting the mood for summer festivities. Ricky and Glasses are set to release a video for the song later this month. The song will also be featured on Ricky's upcoming mixtape, "The Unprofessional Professional." In April, Ricky made waves with the release of his single "Hold Me Down" featuring AR-AB. He has done little to fly below the radar since; as he was recently spotte

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Mic Crenshaw working with Dead Prez on new single

"In total, Mic Crenshaw's music is not only a collective of juicy jams and skillful rhymes. This guy has made his mark on culture. Now it's time that he garners critical mass to spread his positivity to the world at large." - Billboard "Superheroes" is a collaborative effort between Mic Crenshaw and Dead Prez, with production by Maestro of Detroit's D-12. The track speaks to the true everyday "Superheroes" that support their families, guiding them to help tackle the future problems facing the planet. Mic Crenshaw, born in South Chicago, is one of the definitive Hip Hop Artists to grace the Northwest. Crenshaw spent his formative years battling the emergence of white supremacist gangs in the streets of Minneapolis. Now as a musician, he uses his music, time and resources

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Raashan Ahmad of Crown City Rockers releases new album

Oakland, California. May 1, 2013 — The music that emanates from Raashan Ahmad is a breath of fresh air. In a world that constantly glorifies darkness, Raashan is a shining beacon of light illuminating the beauty that is out there and so often overlooked. As a member of the Oakland-based hip-hop collective, The Crown City Rockers, Raashan began his ascent to musical notoriety as a powerful emcee for the group. He eventually embarked on a solo venture, a mission that has taken him all over the world. With two albums under his belt, his latest is a culmination of his travels. Ceremony speaks volumes on where Raashan is in his life, spiritually and emotionally. Written and recorded in several different countries, he put the finishing touches on the album in the desert between Sa

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