MidaZ The BEAST links with Marco Polo on new single

HiPNOTT Record's latest recruit is Orlando-based emcee MidaZ the BEAST, who will soon deliver his official debut album AU: Another Universe on August 20th. After years of sharpening his blade on a slew of underground projects and turning heads with a handful of recent high-profile guest spots on albums from Oh No, Marco Polo, and the Alchemist, "O-Zone's finest" unveils his full potential on his upcoming LP. Featuring guest spots from Planet Asia, Roc Marciano, Blueprint, and Sabac Red (Non-Phixion) as well as production from Oh No, Marco Polo, IMAKEMADBEATS, Paten Locke, and TzariZM, AU is home to songs that run the gamut of styles that showcase MidaZ' lyrical ferocity and vivid storytelling. On the album's lead single, "Fire" MidaZ comes equipped with strong arm production fro

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Exclusive: The Grouch and Eligh - The RAPstation Interview

When careless pop stars churn out singles spewing lyrics like "Ecstasy in the air/I don't care/You can't tell me nothing/I'm impaired," it's no wonder kids have the wrong idea about how to lead an honorable and productive life or what makes a person "cool." Lately, there has been a steady stream of hip-hop artists that have been outspoken about their battles with addiction and subsequent recoveries. Macklemore gets real on the track "Otherside" while Eligh of The Living Legends devotes an entire album to his recovery process, 2010's Grey Crow. Los Angeles native Eligh Nachowitz has been an integral part of the underground hip-hop collective The Living Legends since the crew emerged in the '90s. While his lyrical delivery is impeccable and always has been, most of his early care

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Rappers I Meet: Kosha Dillz Interviews John Robinson

On occasion, we hear those songs where everyone gets a shout out. In other songs we hear, the city is being represented to the fullest capability. This column (or the beginning of it) represents a "tour guide" for any visitor and a new taste of music for the person going above and beyond the average station. I met John Robinson in Highland Park, New Jersey in 1999 with Scienz of Life. Since then, I have seen him overseas in Czech Republic all the way to Los Angeles, but we always get a chance to link in New Jersey. Kosha Dillz: What is the most interesting hip-hop fact about where you live? I live in Piscataway, NJ and when I moved here in 92-93 during my senior of school from the Bronx, NY. At this time Fat Joe had a line in his song "Flow Joe" where he mentions "f

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