Malkovich: The RAPstation Interview

Malkovich The Globetrotting Rapper By RAPstation Staff Three years after saying goodbye to a permanent mattress and all his worldly possessions, rapper Malkovich embarked on an open ended global walkabout from Los Angeles to…everywhere. His journey has a definite purpose, but follows no set path. The purpose is the quest for otherworldly beats while exploring personal freedoms and building a global network. As far as his path goes, Malkovich's next destination depends on his latest musical discoveries. "My offer stands," Malkovich says. "Any producers worldwide should send me their beats and if I like them, I will come to their countries and record with them." After linking up with producers that he clicks with through his Twitter page, Malkovich literally brings the project to

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Cookin' Soul remix track featuring Big Noyd, Kool G Rap & Large Professor

It's next to impossible to put down the creative genius that is Cookin' Soul. With nearly a decade of remixes, and mashups under their belts, the Spanish duo have proven to the world that they have a knack for bringing out the best in any artist they decide to sonically reconstruct. But what would happen if they took a direct flight to Queens? On the Big Noyd, Large Professor and Kool G Rap featured street banger, "Naturally Born," that's exactly what happens. After recently appearing on the decennary compilation LP, Unearthed, the original Ayatollah produced head nodder, provided a nostalgic backdrop for the trio to do their thing; this time around, Cookin' Soul have taken the track to new heights by giving an Uprock-themed overhaul to the original, connecting more to the era of S

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Daft Punk to release ALIVE 2007 on double vinyl

Daft Punk's 'Grammy Award-winning collection, ALIVE 2007, was previously only available on CD and digital. For the first time, it's being released as a double vinyl edition on December 23, 2014. The set is a result of their June 14, 2007 live performance at Bercy Arena in Paris, France. The album was originally released November 19, 2007. Through the live experience, the French duo comprised of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, was able to manipulate and reimagine their already established material, making their studio tracks incredible revisions. 'ALIVE 2007' standard double vinyl edition will be a triple gatefold. A limited edition of 'ALIVE 2007' will be released at the same time, in a special box including the album on 2 solid white vinyls, plus a vinyl bonus (Side

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Aesop Rock & Kidrobot release limited edition vinyl figurine

Out of the ashes, Whiskers The Undead has come back to life in the form of a limited vinyl figurine, which hits the shelves at select stores December 11. Aesop Rock's vision was helped along by Kidrobot, producer and retailer of designer toys founded in 2002 by Paul Budnitz, specializing in artist-created toys and imports from Japan, Hong Kong and Europe. According to a press release, "It is with great joy that I bring to you Whiskers The Undead - my new collaboration with the wonderful Kidrobot toy company. The ever-lovable Whiskers made his debut in 2012 and is back more/less alive than ever. This 10.5" mid-battle feline comes complete with exposed innards and detachable crow enemy for maximum death-play. He can be used to contact the deceased, or as a colorful accent-piece fo

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Desert Eez release track featuring Inspectah Deck off new mixtape

Consisting of 5-Star, O'Nill & Nivek, Dezert Eez formed at Western Michigan University, located in Kalamazoo, MI (the “Microbrew Capital”) and after performing on the local circuit for a year, the trio began making waves in Detroit's underground scene. In early 2005, Dezert Eez released its first mixtape, The Realness, which won widespread critical praise that focused especially on the group’s lyrics. The buzz helped them earn a raft of high-profile outside gigs, including shows with KRS-One, Dead Prez, Slum Village and a mini tour with Wu Tang Clan's Inspectah Deck. Dezert Eez leapt to a bigger stage in 2008 when 5-Star teamed up with M-Eighty, Killah Priest, C-Rayz Walz and Bronze Nazareth to form The Almighty. The album also featured hip hop legends Canibus, Keith Mur

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THEOLOGY 3 releases new PAYIN' HOMMAGE EP for free download

Toronto Emcee THEOLOGY 3 (Stylistik 89.5fm, Freedom Writers, Camp X) is proud to release this content driven, hard driving project for public consumption reflecting on a wide variety of social issues, aggressive lyricism and musically diverse beats. From the innovative chorus of PAYIN' HOMMAGE featuring the precision cuts of DJ Thera P blending some of Theo3's "Favourite Lines" to the controversial smack down of WHITE TRASH detailing the blame driven, reactionary musings of many racist people in all economic and social settings, this record is not to be missed. Additional production is provided by highly regarded producer AMIR (Drake, Shad) and multi instrumentalist SY WYLD (Arabesque). To support all Theology 3 releases visit www.Theology3.com and pick up one of the many critical

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