Mannie Fresh speaks on his return to music

As he continues to make his return to music, Mannie Fresh, recently reminisced with billboard.com about his reasons for remaining independent after leaving Def Jam. "To me, Def Jam put my career on hold," he explained in an interview with billboard.com. I was used to making 13-14 songs a year and they trickled that down to nothing. They were telling me to go out and get big records. I went and got a record with [Lil] Wayne and brought it back to Def Jam. Although it got a million hits on my page, they still refused to put it out. To this day I haven't got answers. I don't hold grudges. I just know I won't do it again." Mannie Fresh also spoke on the possibility of a Cash Money reunion record and/or tour happening. "Everybody has to get paid. It would be something large if Cash Mon

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OC joining forces with Apollo Brown for new album

It has been announced that the most incredible OC will be releasing a new album with Detroit producer Apollo Brown handling all production. Mello Music Group, the label responsible for releasing the album, has this to say about the project: "Apollo Brown has been locked away the last 6 months working on an amazing emcee/producer collaboration with the legendary OC. After trips back and forth between Detroit and NY, the album is in the final stages of mastering. Being that they’re friends and each a big fan of the other, the album was fluid in the making. The project was conceptualized in New York and then completely recorded in Detroit. The duo decided to keep the album pure Apollo & OC with no features at all. Each of the 16 songs have a different concept and feel with an ove

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Jay-Z samples his newborn daughter & releases new song

Blue Ivy Carter is only two days old and already she is featured on her proud father's latest record. Jay-Z posted the latest track, "Glory feat. B.I.C.," on his Life + Times website Monday morning. The song concludes with sounds of a newborn crying. Elsewhere during the cut, Jay makes some heartbreaking, as well as some sweet, revelations. "Last time, the miscarriage was so tragic," he raps. "We was afraid you disappeared, but nah, dear, you magic." You can hear the joy all throughout the song: "The most amazing feeling I feel," he raps. "Words can't describe what I'm feeling for real / Baby, I paint the sky blue / My greatest creation was you." Check out the song at the following link and congratulations to Jay-Z and Beyonce. http://lifeandtimes.com/glory-feat-b-i-c

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Occupy Skid Row Music Festival - January 15th

Dubbed as both the Operation Skid Row Music Festival and the Occupy Skid Row Music Festival, on January 15th Chuck D and Public Enemy, along with a dozen or more (mostly old school Los Angeles) hip-hop acts will put on a free concert for the down-on-their-luck residents of Los Angeles' desolate Skid Row district. The list of other performers for this incredible all afternoon event, that will also be open for free to anyone from anywhere who wishes to attend, includes Cypress Hill, Kurupt from The Dogg Pound, Mellow Man Ace and The ZZYZZX, King T, Rapper's Rapp Group, Sir Jinx and General Population, OG Kid Frost, L.A. Posse, and the Egyptian Lover. What makes this concert significant is that all of these artists have agreed to perform for free as a an unselfish token in this new year

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The Sugar Hill Gang file lawsuit against Universal Music

Legendary Hip-Hop group The Sugar Hill Gang, R&B veterans The Moments and the executors of the Estate of Sylvia Robinson have filed a lawsuit against Universal Music Group, claiming the major label owes unpaid royalties. The lawsuit, which was filed in The Supreme Court of the State of New York, claims that Universal has been withholding royalties from the legendary label, as well as the group members of The Sugar Hill Gang and The Moments. The lawsuit states that Universal has ignored agreements with the Sugar Hill label, some which date back as far as 1969, when the company Sylvia Robinson was running was known as All Platinum Inc. All Platinum was Sylvia Robinson’s label and counted artists The Moments, The Whatnauts and Robinson herself, as featured talent on the label. S

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EXCLUSIVE: Vin Rock of Naughty By Nature interview

TIM EINENKEL: First off, how does it feel to have Kay Gee back in the group? VIN ROCK: Yeah, it’s good, man. You know, we all started this group in high school basically. So, you know, we assemble ourselves, no one put us together and we’ve always been in control of what we did. So, when we lost Kay as a producer and DJ and you know, not only did we lose him from the studio perspective, we lost him from the stage perspective, as well as personally. When Kay got back in the mix it was a great thing to have an old friend back plus all of that talent. TIM EINENKEL: This is your 7th album, Anthem Inc., and you guys have been together and in the game for so long. Has the process of making the album changed? VIN ROCK: Nah, nah. Not really. Pretty much the same, you know. Kay is at

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