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Edition 340

Flatline & proudly present our special Maestro Fresh Wes spotlight edition of HipHopGods Radio. The legendary Godfather of Canadian Hip Hop is saluted and celebrated for the full 60 minutes via tracks from his entire arsenal of music over the years + we have a brand new interview with Maestro courtesy of The Library with Tim Einenkel. Please tell a friend and check the sounds as the great Maestro Fresh Wes is put into the spotlight on HipHopGods Radio.

Let Your Backbone Slide (...Symphony In Effect - 1989)

Maestro interview part 1

On The Jazz Tip (...The Black Tie Affair - 1991)

Maestro interview part 2

Another Funky Break (From My Pap's Crate) (...Maestro Zone - 1992)

Maestro interview part 3

Fine Tune Da Mic feat. Showbiz (...Naaah, Dis Kid Can't Be From Canada?!! - 1994)

Maestro interview part 4

Verbal Exodus (...Built To Last - 1998)

Maestro interview part 5

When I Rhyme (...Ever Since - 2000)

Maestro interview part 6

Black Tuxedo (...Black Tuxedo EP - 2012)

Maestro interview part 7

Salute feat. Chuck D (...Orchestrated Noise - 2013)

Maestro interview part 8

Born In Toronto feat. Rich Kidd (...Compositions Vol. 1 - 2015)

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Host & Producer: Flatline

Soundscape Producer: CX

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Executive Producers: Gary G-Wiz & Chuck D

HipHopGods Radio current TOP 20 tracks

01 Blak Madeen feat. West Coast Kam - Industry Doors

02 Mr. Lif & Akrobatik (aka: The Perceptionists) feat. Syne - Hose Down

03 Count Bass D feat. Snoop Dogg - Too Much Pressure

04 DJ Shadow feat. Danny Brown - Horror Story

05 Public Enemy feat. Ice T & PMD - Smash The Crowd

06 Kool Moe Dee - Woke

07 Sean Price - Imperius Rex

08 MC Barry B (from DJ Rockin Rob & The MC Connection) - Cleanin Up

09 Shabazz Palaces feat. Thaddillac - Shine A Light

10 MC Eiht feat. Lady Of Rage - Heart Cold

11 Apathy & O.C. - Soviet Official

12 Maestro Fresh Wes feat. Skyzoo - Designated Driver

13 A.G. & John Robinson feat. Blu & Dave Dar - Penelope

14 K-Def feat. The Artifacts - Left In My Dust

15 Madchild feat. Evidence & The Alchemist - Club 33

16 LX Beats feat. Chino XL, T.Rads & Big G's - Autumn Bars

17 Lega-C, Chris Rivers & Mikey Destruction - The Conquorer

18 Sadat X feat. Diamond D - Out Of Bounds

19 Agallah Don Bishop feat. Milano & Lord Tariq - Wolves Of Now

20 Brother Ali - Tremble

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