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Hip Hop Queenz honors Prodigy of Mobb Deep

In this segment of Hip-Hop Queenz , Raven and DJ Blakghost recognize the life and talent of Prodigy of Mobb Deep. รข On June 20th of 2017, Albert Johnson aka Prodigy passed away in Las Vegas, due to complications with his lifelong disease, sickle cell anemia. Contrary to what many may think, although Mobb Deep put out some of the grittiest, most violent and hardest-sounding Hip-Hop, both Prodigy and Havoc attended the prestigious New York City High school of the Performing Arts. Alumni of this school included Fab Five Freddy, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs. In an interview in 2013, Prodigy explained that a lot of the anger he expressed in his music, derived from his frustration and anger with his body, and the disease that often ravaged it throughout his life. Prodgiy has since passed, but his voice, his music and his memory will never be forgotten. Prodigy will always be a respected Hip-Hop King from Queenz. For the listener's pleasure,. DJ Blakghost laces everyone with the famous "Quiet Storm remix" featuring the queen herself, Lil Kim, "Stuck on You," and "Return of the Mac."

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