Loss Control Radio

Loss Control Radio destroyed by Peyote Cody

Fucking you up in the dome every Saturday Night 11pm EST. Host and DJ, Peyote Cody crushing skulls with raw turntabilism of the most hardest of cores from Metal, Punk, Funk and authentic, underground Hip Hop.

Philm â Fire From The Evening Sun (2014)
Ebony Rhythm Band â Soul Heart Transplant (1969)

Army of the Pharaohs â The Tempter And The Bible Black (2014)
Cannibal Corpse â Kill Or Become (2014)

Souls Of Mischeif & Adrian Young â The Last Act (2014)
Black Flag â Revenge (1982)

The Misfits â Attitude (1978) with...
Public Enemy / Hank Shocklee additive

Diabolic â Fightinâ Words (2014)
Immortal Technique â Mistakes (2008)

Cannibus Corpse â Shatter Their Bongs (2014) with...
James Brown & Lyn Collins additive

Rush â Neil Peart Drum Solo (1980)
Run The Jewels â Oh My Darling, Donât Cry (2014)

Sepultura â Attitude (1996) with...
Ludacris additive

Psycho Realm presentsâ¦Disciples Of The Sick â Smile Now (2014)
Probot â Centuries Of Sin (2004)

Primus â Golden Ticket (2016)
Edo G & Chuck D â Fight! (2014)

Hosted, produced, mixed, and scratched the fuck up by Peyote Cody

Turntable thrasher, Peyote Cody fucks you up in the dome with the illest in Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Punk Rock and Funk. Hardcore galore.

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