Sarah Love Mysdiggi

Sarah Love & MysDiggi - Isatta Sheriff, Mic Assassin and Adam Kammerling

Guests: Banji from Tone Coffee Shop, Isatta Sheriff, Mic Assassin, Adam Kammerling


Last show of 2016, and Mys is way, but Isatta Sheriff (Tor) is in to cover. A massive big up to James Brown, âWhat super powers would you take into 2017?â Banji from Tone Coffee shop is on the phone, and Mic Assassin and Adam Kammerling hit the open mic over Keith Priceâs beat.

Take a look at the world from a Hip-Hop perspective with two of the UK’s most trusted ambassadors. DJ Sarah Love and MysDiggi bring the nation’s first ever Hip-Hop-centric talk show to FUBAR Radio and SHEradio! With news, guests, discussion, performances and more—from the underground up: The show where ignorance & intelligence don’t just walk that thin line – they do the running-man.

Previous guests include: Stretch and Bobbito, A Tribe Called Quest, Mic Righteous, Lunar C, Big Daddy Kane, Chuck D.

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