noFLOW Episode 30!

Tonight's episode is GUESS THE BEATS!!!!

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TOP 10 Jointz, Son!

1. Nas- The World Is Yours (Instrumental)
2. Kokane- 4 Ryders Only (OG Instrumental)
3. Tha Silent Partner- Kinda Unfocused
4. Thes One- Too Close (Live)
5. Milez Benjiman- Chop That Wood (Instrumental)
6. Public Enemy- Hazy Shade of Criminal (Instrumental)
7. ADOR- Let It All Hang Out (Instrumental)
8. Redman- Blow Your Mind (Instrumental)
9. People Without Shoes- Ghettonetics (Instrumental)
10. K-Def & 45 King- Changing Keys

C-Doc bringin' you beats, beats, interviews, and beats! But mostly BEATS!

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