Too Short Is Getting His Own Street In His Hometown Of Oakland

It was only a matter of time. According to KTVU, Too $hort will likely have his own street named after him in his hometown of Oakland. Thanks to a recommendation from Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and Councilmember Noel Gallo, Foothill Boulevard between High Street and 47th Avenue could soon be better known as "Too $hort Way." The decision will be handed down on Tuesday (December 6) when it goes before the Oakland City Council. 

Short Dog frequented the area growing up and attended the nearby Fremont High. In a recent interview with ROCK THE BELLS, the 56-year-old rap legend talked about one of his "regular" jobs at Jack In The Box on 22nd Avenue in East Oakland. While the Mount Westmore song "I Quit" wasn't exactly inspired by his experience there, he wished he could have played the song for his former boss. 

"I had very few jobs before I was a rapper,” he said. “I worked at the Oakland A’s baseball games selling soda pops in the crowd and the only other job I had was at Jack In The Box. I was just a regular little Jack In The Box worker for like four or five months, and I was working the evening shift for the kids. The kids worked that 4 to 8 swing shift, and a lot of kids on my shift were fuck ups. One day, I look at the schedule and it was 6 a.m. on a Saturday. We all know. Here I come in, 6 in the morning, on time, I caught the bus up there. As soon as I get there, I could sense his energy. He’s like, ‘I know you one of the fuck up boys.’ He’s not saying this, but I can sense his energy. And I never even get to go inside the restaurant. 

“He hands me a Brillo pad with a handle and this solution and he goes, ‘There’s a chisel, a Brillo pad and two different solutions. Now this one, you pour on the oil stains and you hit it with this brush. He gives me a little example of how to do it, and then he goes back inside. I literally just laid all four of those things on the ground, walked across the street, jumped on the bus and left. If I had that song, he would have heard that song. If I had that moment where I could have just said, ‘Fuck you, I quit,’ he would have got it. At one point, he must have come out and the four items were just laying there. I wish I could have seen that.”

Mount Westmore is getting to release their official debut album, Snoop, Cube, 40, $hort, on Friday (December 9). Until then, bump their latest single "Activated" below.