The Cool Kids Interview Part II

As The Cool Kids reunion continues to make headlines, Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish are focused on one thing—finishing their new album. Titled Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe, it’s been a long time coming and has a slew of fans salivating at the thought of new material from the beloved Chicago duo. In Part II of the RAPstation interview, Mikey and Chuck talk about their unbreakable bond, the upcoming album and the problem with blogs. 


I got The Bake Sale EP after hearing “Gold and A Pager.” I never heard about you from a blog. Things are so different now. 


Chuck: It’s so crazy. Over these few years I’ve seen so many different outlets and so many different voices of power and opinion in this music world. You know when you whip a little dog for shitting on the carpet and he scared so he don’t do it anymore? There used to be blogs that used to talked shit and you used to go there and be like they’re going to keep it real. 


Mikey: Rap Radar used to have the ‘Played Yourself’ section. 


Chuck: Now it’s like the tough guys I used to know on the internet, everybody is just dick  riding. I’m like, ‘Damn you used to hate this kind of music.’ Now they must be like, ‘Well I just got to get with the program and be like everybody else.’ True opinions are getting fewer and fewer. People don’t want to be on the other wise of popular opinion. 


I got so much shit saying on Facebook saying Beyonce is overrated. 


Chuck: Oh you’re dead [laughs]. You can’t do that. They will kill you. 


The Beygency is going to get me, right?


Chuck; The thing is when you have an opinion, you gotta stand up for that and never waiver. I remember when Big Boi got caught up in some shit and got caught with party drugs, but he was with his woman. The headlines said, ‘Big Boi of Outkast gets caught with drugs.’ You know what he said? People don’t know this shit happened, he jsut said shit i thought this was the party boat. 


Mikey: No he said, “I thought this was the ‘Love Boat’.”


Chuck: Oh yeah [laughs]. He said the ‘Love Boat.’ He got on that boat to kick it with his woman and he took that situation and did’t lie, like, ‘Oh no that’ not what I did.’ When you switch your opinion, you become null and void. If you tweet it, it’s going to be taken the wrong way. You get shit if you say something that gets printed because people can comment on it now. We need more honesty out there. 


What has been your dumbest argument since reuniting? 


Mikey: We don’t ever argue. It’s been pretty fun. 


Chuck: We have jokes we’ve ran since the summer and it’s still funny. We’re a different kind of breed. It’s really a running joke all day. There’s nothing serious. Things are funny because things suck and we know how to laugh about it. That’s when shit gets cool because you realize it’s not as serious as it was. 


Mikey: We have never really been—do you have a friend that you don’t fight with? It’s like us. We’re the friends that don’t fight. 


Chuck: Because everything is funny. It’s a great support system. People don’t really understand the kind of camaraderie here. We’ve been through life together. It’s real character. You can’t get that from Soundcloud. 


Mikey: You have to live a bit and when you’re catapulted into superstardom, millions of dollars, chains and shit you can’t gather your thoughts unless you’ve built some integrity first. 


Chuck: We done made money together. We’ve been broke together, left out in cold together, but it’s never us doing it to each other. We have just been together regardless of what was happening. 


Chuck, you tweeted something about feeling complete as an artist now that you’re back with Mikey. What about your personalities and musical tastes gel? 


Chuck: we met when he was in high school and I was a junior in college around 2005. You become cooler as adults than you were as kid. Us as grown men is totally different, but it’s funny. We’re both the funniest mother fuckers we know. I don’t think we’ve let a joke go for the past four months. I’ve been staying with him since Oct. The Cubs one and we got in trouble one night. We was just wiling and I remember him waking me up the morning like you know we got in some trouble right. we got in some real trouble.


I suppose you’re not going to tell me what that is.


We got in the video. You’ll see it. We gotta let it blow over first. It was definitely hilarious. We could have been arrested that night. I didn't think about the shit where they overcharged my card…well…there’s a lot that went into that night. 


Mikey: Cubs won the World Series and we wiled out. 


Is there any new album news you can report? All I’ve heard is early 2017. 


Chuck: Early 2017. Even though we like you, that’s all you’re going to get. And we like you. And we like you [laughs]. Call us in January. I will give you the exclusive, but musically there are a lot of sounds going we need to do a lot to.