Sage Francis Announces First-Ever Strange Famous Records Fest—And It's Free

Sage Francis has announced the first-ever Strange Famous Records music festival. The free event takes place June 17 at the Levitt Pavilion in Denver. Lineup includes labelmates Wheelchair Sports Camp, Metermaids, Sleep of Old Dominion, Mopes and Cas One, among others. 

"The Levitt Pavilion reached out to me asking if I’d do a show there and they provided a budget," Sage told RAPstation. "Rather than taking that budget as a performance fee I decided to turn this into a festival that we could have the Strange Famous Records roster be a part of. Colorado has always been so great to me and I figured this was a great opportunity for our artists to experience that love while also having the opportunity to win new fans and plant some seeds in Denver. Most of all I’m just excited we all get to do this big thing together after the struggle of the past few years." 

Sage is hopeful this will become an annual event. He continues, "It’s something I always wanted to do but it took this random offer for all the pieces to fall into place and make sense. I could only hope this is something we could do every year in Denver, but if that’s not possible I know there are a lot of other places that would be down to try this out. "

Sage Francis is one of underground Hip Hop's most gifted lyricists. He's pumped out five solo albums, including fan favorites A Healthy Distrust (2005) and Personal Journals (2002). His latest, 2014's Copper Gone, came with the moving song "Make Em Purr," which revolves around the chains of solitude. His life has changed immensely since writing that record. Sage is now married and a father to a young son and two step-daughters. The number of cats in his home has yet to be determined. For more information on the Strange Famous Fest, head to the label's website.