Introducing rudeFILTER - the future Jack Kerouac

Up and coming artist, and future Jack Kerouac, Joe Tapiro better known as rudeFILTER, will tell you himself how humbled he is by that comparison. As a college graduate and only 23 years old, he sees himself as a writer and poet before a musician. When talking to him, especially about music, he definitely proves his deep appreciation and reverence for music and the art of hip-hop/rap. He grew up in Stockton, California and was raised by a single mother who has undoubtedly had a hand in shaping the person he is today. When asked what kind of message he wants to put out there, he wants people to know that hip-hop is not all "rags to riches" and that he's fighting against stereotypical views of hip-hop artists. A quote that really stuck with him comes from Stephen Curry, (Tapiro admits to being a Golden State Warriors fan) "Never be ashamed of your story.” A lot of the time, people and the music industry as a whole, judge people right away, and while Tapiro might not be your typical artist, the struggles he went through are still valid and helped shape the person he is today. Some of his influences include Chuck D, E-40, Too $hort, Brother Ali, Nas, Tupac, and a multitude of other well known artists. While naming these artists as influences, Tapiro still wants to use his platform to make a change, using his voice and ability as a positive influence in hip-hop and to remind people to be a voice for where you come from. Keeping in mind that he puts emphasis on the art and poetry aspect of hip-hop, people are expecting big things of this potential Jack Kerouac among them being his mentor, Chuck D of Public Enemy. For someone who has firm grasp on his influences and the message he wants to put out there, big things can be expected of Joseph Tapiro, also known as rudeFILTER. By Devon Pyne for RAPstation.com