Giant Single: The Profile Records Rap Anthology

On January 31, Legacy Recordings will release Giant Single: The Profile Records Rap Anthology, an incredible 2 CD set. The collection, which spans from 1981 to 1996, features Profile catalogue hits from HIPHOPGODS such as Run-DMC, Dana Dane, Rammelzee vs. K-Rob and DJ Quik, as well as mid-'90s cuts from Camp Lo, Smoothe Da Hustler, Onyx and Nine. Profile, founded by Cory Robbins and Steven Plotnicki, birthed the careers of Hip Hop icons Run-DMC, along with artists such as DJ Quik, Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock, Poor Righteous Teachers and Special Ed. In 1997, Profile merged with Arista Records. The label's catalog today is now managed by Legacy/Sony Records. Official track listing is below: Disc 1 1. Genius Rap by DR. JECKYLL & MR. HYDE 2. Whip Rap by DISCO FOUR 3. Beat Bop by RAMMELZEE VS K-ROB 4. Fresh Fresh by 3 MC'S 5. Here Comes That Beat! by PUMPKIN & THE PROFILE ALL-STARS 6. King Kut by WORD OF MOUTH 7. Sucker MC's (Krush-Groove 1) by RUN-DMC 8. A Fly Guy by PEBBLEE POO 9. Nightmares by DANA DANE 10. Get Off My Tip! by THE MASTERDON COMMITTEE 11. Lies. Lies by RAP-O-MATIC LTD. 12. I Can't Wait (To Rock The Mike) by SPYDER D 13. Drag Rap by THE SHOWBOYS 14. It's My Beat by SWEET TEE & JAZZY JOYCE 15. Ragamuffin Hip-Hop by ASHER D & DADDY FREDDY Disc 2 1. Walk This Way by RUN-DMC 2. Cinderfella Dana Dane by DANA DANE 3. It Takes Two by ROB BASE & DJ E-Z ROCK 4. Beats To The Rhyme by RUN-DMC 5. Give Em A Sample by TOO KOOL POSSE 6. I Got It Made by SPECIAL ED 7. Do It To The Crowd by TWIN HYPE 8. Hey Love by KING SUN 9. Ah, And We Do It Like This by ONYX 10. Rock Dis Funky Joint by POOR RIGHTEOUS TEACHERS 11. Born And Raised In Compton by DJ QUIK 12. Be True To Yourself by 2ND II NONE 13. Zulu War Chant by TIME ZONE 14. Whutcha Want? by NINE 15. Broken Language by SMOOTHE DA HUSTLER 16. Luchini AKA This Is It by CAMP LO