Jay-Z samples his newborn daughter & releases new song

Blue Ivy Carter is only two days old and already she is featured on her proud father's latest record. Jay-Z posted the latest track, "Glory feat. B.I.C.," on his Life + Times website Monday morning. The song concludes with sounds of a newborn crying. Elsewhere during the cut, Jay makes some heartbreaking, as well as some sweet, revelations. "Last time, the miscarriage was so tragic," he raps. "We was afraid you disappeared, but nah, dear, you magic." You can hear the joy all throughout the song: "The most amazing feeling I feel," he raps. "Words can't describe what I'm feeling for real / Baby, I paint the sky blue / My greatest creation was you." Check out the song at the following link and congratulations to Jay-Z and Beyonce. http://lifeandtimes.com/glory-feat-b-i-c