Idris Goodwin releases new video for Get Over It

One noticeable thing missing in most contemporary hip-hop is attention to the lyrical details. It's as if words have lost their meaning and been replaced by cheap antics, braggadocio bars and hollow threats. On the other hand, HBO Def Jam poet, professor, author, award-winning playwright, and emcee Idris Goodwin is a connoisseur of words. He's planted, cultivated and spread words with deep meaning that require repeated listens to dissect everything Goodwin is sharing. His most recent album, 2015's Rhyming While Black, is more evidence of his acute attention to every syllable he carefully puts together. Album highlights include "Song Speak For Itself," "Down" and "Still Got It," which Goodwin sews together like a pro. Paired with flavorful neo boom-bap production, Rhyming While Black tells the brutal truth of what it's like being a Black man in America. Clearly influenced by Public Enemy and other revolutionaries, Idris Goodwin is a unique force all his own. Check out the new live video for "Get Over It" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pliPshlDwQ&feature=youtu.be from Rhyming While Black. Recorded at Ivywild School in Colorado Springs and featuring Alex Farr and DJ Gravity, the album is available on Amazon, CD Baby and Bandcamp. By Kyle Eustice for RAPstation.com