Ice-T: "Body Count: A 33 ⅓ Book" To Be Released In September 2023

Ice-T introduced his all-Black hardcore band, Body Count, on his 1991 album, O.G. Original Gangster. Later that summer, he brought guitarist Ernie C, rhythm guitarist D-Roc the Executioner, bassist Mooseman, drummer Beatmaster V and hypemen Sean E. Sean and Sean E. Mac on the first-ever Lollapalooza tour. In 1992, Body Count's self-titled debut album found the trailblazing band confronting white supremacy and police brutality with a fearlessness only they could muster. Consequently, Body Count  sparked nationwide protests and boycotts, including death threats, censure from the federal government, a spot on the FBI National Threat list and a denunciation by the President of the United States. The album was removed from stores and remains banned to this day. Decades later, Body Count are performing to their biggest audiences and winning Grammy Awards, marking one of the most remarkable comebacks in punk/metal history.

Now, Body Count fans can read all about the band's journey in a new book by Ben Apatoff called Body Count: A 33 ⅓ Book. As noted in the description, the book is about a group of high school friends who "shattered musical boundaries, brought explosive live performances and raised questions America's lawmakers didn't want to answer." It includes exclusive quotes and interviews from Ice-T, Ernie C, Sean E. Sean, Vincent Price, Juan of the Dead, Jello Biafra, Max Cavalera, Dan Charnas, Doc Coyle, Chuck D, Duff McKagan, Vernon Reid, Henry Rollins and Jean-Claude Van Damme, among many others. 

The book is scheduled to arrive on September 7 via Bloomsbury. Pre-orders are available here