Ice-T Baffled By Twitter's Reaction To His Post Encouraging Men To Get Medical Checkups

Ice-T is making sure he's around for his wife Coco and daughter Chanel. On Tuesday (March 14), the Original Gangster share a photo of himself getting what appears to be an MRI. He assured his fans, "Nothing’s wrong… Just checking my Engine! I seriously advise all my guys out there to do your Check ups… Don’t wait till you’re sick! Early diagnosis can save your life. Real talk." 

But for some reason, rather than take the (good) advice, Ice-T was criticized for having the money to afford a test like that. Comments like, "Unfortunately my health insurance would not pay for this heart scan. I could only get the tread mill stress test" and "Great message but if only I could afford an optional CT scan" started pouring in. So, in true Ice-T fashion, he addressed that, too. 

Not long after sharing the photo, Ice-T hopped on Twitter and wrote, "I make a Post about going to the Doctor for check ups.. Some people DECIDE to tell me THEY can’t afford health care.. I was broke and homeless. I know personally what a struggle life can be.. Does that have ANYTHING to do with my positive attempt to get you to take care of yourselves?? Smh." 

As one person pointed out, "selective outrage" is real. Just ask Chris Rock.