Oakland-based MC Jahi, a longtime collaborator of Chuck D's, is celebrating a birthday today (September 19). The Cleveland native turns 52, an accomplishment in itself. His company, Microphone Mechanics, curates and collaborates with museums, galleries, organizations and companies to design incredible cultural experiences that bring people together.

In January, Jahi, Microphone Mechanics and The African American Museum and Library at Oakland (AAMLO)  established the first Bay Area Hip Hop Archives at the AAMLO. he Bay Area Hip Hop Archives chronicles local artists, culture keepers, activists and educators who’ve made significant contributions Bay Area Hip-Hop. The collections will include previously unheard sound recordings, interviews, research notes, photographs and negatives, playbills, posters, maps, booking contracts, business records, tour routes and other memorabilia.

“This has been an idea brewing for the last few years after talking to so many Bay Area artists, activists and educators in the Bay who are often overlooked, minimized or unseen after the ‘headliners’ of the Bay are mentioned,” Jahi told AllHipHop at the time. “While on a Hip Hop Alliance call, Chuck D, KRS-One and Kurtis Blow posted the question: ‘What can we do for Hip Hop?’ This became my clear answer, as it speaks to community and legacy.”

Among the inaugural class are Bay Area legends Paris, Souls of Mischief’s Phesto, the late Pam The Funkstress, Digital Underground’s Mystic, DJ D Sharp, Davey D and Suga T.

“Jahi and AAMLO are doing the vital job of archiving culturally relevant Hip-Hop, work necessary to preserve our art’s history and legacy in our voices, while also giving a platform to underrepresented perspectives in the genre,” Paris added. “As a foundational Hip-Hop artist from Frisco who has consistently produced art germane to the Black condition, I’m honored to be a part of the archive’s inaugural class. I look forward to doing my part to amplify the archive’s footprint and awareness.”

Find more information here. Happy Birthday Jahi!