Get to Know the DJ: 10 Quick Questions with DJ Nykon

Get to Know the DJ: 10 Quick Questions with DJ Nykon Often times, the DJ doesn't get the shine they deserve. If they aren't charismatic enough, they blend into the background and might as well not even be there. DJ Nykon, however, never has that problem. He commands crowds behind the decks, even with the colorful personality of Living Legend Luckyiam at the helm. Forever the dynamic duo, Nykon and Lucky have more of a big brother-little brother relationship and an undeniable chemistry when it comes to making music. When they aren't hunting down bottles of Jameson and killing it on stage, they can be found simply chilling, plotting their next move. Check out www.soundcloud.com/djnykon for music and learn a little bit about the man behind the moniker below. Let's start at the beginning. Where did you grow up and how did you discover hip-hop? I was born in New Jersey and grew up in Southern California. I went to high school in Victorville, California. The first time I started paying attention to hip-hop was Run-DMC and Aerosmith's "Walk This Way." My older brother would have MTV on nonstop, back when they played music videos. After that, I was hooked. What about the culture drew you in? I first got hooked on the beats and dancing aspects of it first then graffiti. I wasn't too into the rapping part yet. When did you start DJing? When I was 14 years old. Where did you get your first set of decks? I got my first set of decks out of a sound and lighting magazine. They were some rookie DJ-in-a-box belt drive turntables. My mom hooked it up for my birthday or Christmas or something. They came with their own pair of crappy speakers. They were the hardest shit to scratch on. Mixing was rough as hell, too. I sounded extra weak then [laughs]. What did it feel like to get your hands on a pair of turntables for the first time? It was dope as hell. My friend Angela had a pair. She use to let me train wreck the hell out of her drum-n-bass records learning how to mix. How did you meet Luckyiam? What about the two of you gelled? I met him through doing a little bit of street team promotion for Basement Records. He and I are one of those natural things that just works. You seem to also like dubstep and other forms of electronic music. How do you incorporate all of your styles into one cohesive sound? There's always a way to find a match between different types of music. That's what makes DJ'ing fun to me. What are some of your most memorable performances? Rock the Bells and Paid Dues tours in 2007 was dope. I never thought I'd be on a tour with Rage Against the Machine and Wu-Tang headlining while I was DJ'ing for Lucky. Another cool show was opening for Diplo in Denver with Luck-N-Lana. It was a crazy sold out after party. It was also the same night I bought and DJ'ed in a unicorn mask. What are the ups and downs of being an artist for a living? Ups: traveling and getting money for it. Downs: Relationships and also money [laughs]. Where can people find your music? Check out - - it's all free. What’s next? Way more shows and more free music. Watch out for the Matthew Valdez EP Stuck in Dunnyville.