Babygrande Records signs Brooklyn beatmaker Kasim Keto

Building upon its 12-year legacy of working hand-in-hand with illustrious producers, Babygrande Records has signed Brooklyn beat maker extraordinaire, Kasim Keto. Born in Brooklyn and raised by two Jamaican immigrant parents, Kasim Keto finds his influences in a wide range of places and experiences. Having moved from New York, to Alabama, to Florida and then back to New York within the span of two years as an adolescent, Kasim found sanctity in a diverse array of musical styles, which is today reflected in his eclectic blend of production. Growing up in an impoverished household, Kasim saw music as a method of escape and an outlet for creative expression. Kasim began writing music at the age of 8 and it would go onto become a life-altering experience. At 16 years-old, Kasim began cutting school, and unlike his peers, his days were not spent in relaxation, but rather working with pro audio gear in an effort to hone his talent as a producer. As Kasim explains, "working on several local projects and trying to gain notice became a facilitator of my musical talents." After years of hard work both in and outside of the studio, Kasim's work was recognized by Babygrande Records, who quickly took notice of his incredible talent. "Babygrande sees my vision and offered me a way to build a career as a producer that I could not refuse," says Keto. Kasim Keto is planning his commercial debut, "Long Car Rides," for a November 19th release via Babygrande Records. Long Car Rides serves as a journey through the mind of Kasim Keto, as he takes listeners on a road trip of sonic delectation. Listeners can get a taste of what's to come by checking out the 4-track "Long Car Rides" sampler below. The sampler exemplifies Kasim's knack for seamlessly blending futuristic instrumentation with traditional boom-bap hip-hop. Please visit https://soundcloud.com/babygrande/sets/kasim-keto-long-car-rides-sampler to check out the "Long Car Rides" Sampler now.