Akir releases new 6-track Focus EP

As a vital part of Immortal Technique's Viper Records roster and with upcoming shows with Tech & Brother Ali & Rock The Bells, 2013 finds Akir bringing the spotlight back to music with his new forthcoming LP The Plan; which will be released on 9-24-0213. Words aren't just words and his album title is not just an album title. The Plan is just that Akir states, "my map for a musical journey on the way to becoming better." The Plan is produced in majority by Akir and his beat-making parternership with Ty Steez (The Sound) along with Omen with features from his "Rebel Army" brothers Immortal Technique, Poison Pen & Swave Sevah and is a major-step forward for the lyricist and producer. The Plan promises to make 2013 a huge year for Akir as he says "this album has another level of music presence, taking my pre-existing formula to a larger audience. My first-project, Street Edition, was for the streets, but now I am aiming for the world!" Until The Plan arrives, Akir has liberated a new 6-track FreEp entitled Focus. Please visit http://akir.bandcamp.com/album/focus-dirty to download now. Tracklisting and credits for Akir's "The Plan" LP: 1.) Balance (produced by Akir) 
2.) Bear Arms f/ Swave Sevah (produced by Akir) 
3.) Blow Me Away f/ TL Cross (produced by The Sound) 4.) Explore (produced by The Sound) 5.) Future f/ Immortal Technique (produced by The Sound) 
6.) Listen f/ Sheena Grier (produced by Omen) 
7.) Love f/ TL Cross (produced by The Sound) 8.) Power f/ Poison Pen (produced by The Sound) 
9.) Ride (produced by Akir)
 10.) Shine (produced by Ty Steez) 
11.) Sun f/ Lo Diggs (produced by Ty Steez) 12.) The Plan (produced by Deborahs Son) Upcoming Akir Tour Dates (with Immortal Technique & Brother Ali): 
9-28-2013 - Rock The Bells DC. 
9-29-2013 - Philadelphia, PA
 10-1-2013 - Boston, MA
 10-2-2013 - New Haven, CT
 10-3-2013 - Northampton, MA
 10-4-2013 - South Burlington, VT 
10-5-2013 - Rock The Bells NYC