Chuck D

I'd like to welcome you and the crew to the new www.RAPstation.com ONLINE HIP HOP RADIO INTERNETWORK, or also called the RAP RADIO INTERNETWORK.

'INTERNETWORK' because the idea is to connect HIP HOP and RAP music DJS' doing their thing all across the planet. To some of you this URL might look thus sound very familiar, at the turn of the century RAPstation was an idea to be an all compassing multi RAP purpose supersite for HIP HOP artists to upload and unload their music via links long before myspace.

Fast forward in 2010 after traveling to 4 continents and 25 countries, I decided the 30 plus years of Rap recordings also means there's 30 years of rap radio shows out there. The combination with technology has provided the DJ with tools to assemble great combinations, compilations, and mixtapes galore. Upon returning I figured planning the goal of creating a space for DJs and personalities in the HIP HOP and RAP genre worldwide. Created by Gary G Wiz and helped by myself, The NEW www.RAPstation.com promises to be a supersite that works on being on the web as a internetwork system for HIP HOP DJs and other familiar music.

As for myself this venture takes me back to my roots ,rap radio as I was influenced and blown away by the great MR MAGIC ,LADY B,in her 30th year in Philadelphia, The World Famous Supreme Team , DJs' Chuck Chill Out and Kool DJ Red Alert , Africa IslaMs Zulu Beats show.

This influenced myself and my crew to do groundbreaking radio in college WBAU ,WRHU on Adelphi and Hofstra campuses respectively.

Over the years seeing many rap DJs do their thing, my goal to bring past present and future DJs to do their thing is right here ,right now in RAPstation.

So if YOU got what it takes ,of course this is the place to be for great radio skill. I suggest shows to give the names of the songs, the artists background, where they came from and a story or 2 in your broadcast. MIXTAPES the past 10 years in my opinion have been lazy and quite sloppy. Especially as CDs that are neither mixed nor taped. Do your thing ,play what you want but bring the noise.

Think about giving light to those that create the records and the songs you play. And if you got no records have have some talk that means something commentary and spoken thought on this rap game and the world. We provide the tools for your skills to be felt and heard thanks for tuning into www.RAPstation.com

like i said


PEace and resPEct Chuck D co-founder of PUBLIC ENEMY Eligible for the Rock Hall Of Fame in 2012 twitter  mrchuckd Facebook chuckdfampage chuckd@publicenemy.com

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RADIO AndYouDontStop! Friday Nights 8p-10p on www.RAPstation.com and heard on 99.5 WBAI.org and streamcasted on ENEMY RADIO