This Day In Hip Hop and Rap History

This Day In Hip Hop and Rap History

September 21st – U-Roy was born Ewart Beckford in Jones Town, Jamaica on this day in 1942.

U-Roy’s distinctive toasting, rapping style over Jamaica’s new music style of the time in the early 1960’s called “Dub”, made him one of the forerunners of rapping and emceeing.

U-Roy, whose stage name actually came from a younger family member who had a hard time pronouncing his first name Ewart, was heavily influenced early on by the music of James Brown, Fats Domino, Rufus Thomas, Louis Jordan and Louis Prima.

After being influenced by Jamaican sound-system pioneer Count Matchuki, U-Roy began his music career in 1961.

U-Roy worked with some of the biggest sound systems of his day in Jamaica like those of Dickie Wong, Sir George, Sir Coxone Dodd, Duke Reid and King Tubby.

U-Roy’s first single ever released was 1969’s “Earth’s Rightful Ruler”, a duet with Peter Tosh.

U-Roy would release a slew of albums throughout the 70’s and 80’s, most notably 1975’s “Dread In A Babylon”, which featured one of his biggest hits “Runaway Girl”.

U-Roy’s latest album was 2012’s “Pray Fi Di People”.

U-Roy, also known as “The Originator” was awarded Jamaica’s Order Of Distinction in rank as an Officer on Oct.15th 2007.

U-Roy continues to record and tour until this very day.